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The page below is by Ralph Marston and can be found on his thought provoking web site.


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"You can't depend on some expert or guru to provide you with the answer you seek. Instead of looking for the answer outside yourself, choose to be the answer by the way you think and act.
You are the world's most knowledgeable expert on your own life. Put some of that expertise to good use.
Certainly others can give you advice, suggestions, inspiration and expanded perspective. Yet it is up to you to choose what is best for your own unique situation.
The most valuable course of action is not to be found by plugging yourself into someone else's formula. The success you will achieve is the success you work to define on your own terms.
Speak with your own voice, think with your own mind, and act according to your own vision. The expert advice that will be most beneficial is the control you exercise over the choices you make.
Live in such a way as to be the solution to the problems you face and the answer to the questions you ponder. And be the fulfilled, successful person you are destined to be. "

Ralph Marston
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I have quoted this page as it truly expresses my approach to coaching and the experience I offer to anyone who becomes a coaching client of mine.
The mind is a phenomenal resource which is often highly underrated and it is this resource that we will use together to change any limiting beliefs you have, challenge your values, look at old habits and self talk and more importantly replace these not only with empowering ones but to link these to specific feelings and actions that make change happen quickly, consistently and long lasting.
  " Coaching is about change, about taking control and about making the difference that will make the difference so remember to contact me now if that is truly what you want in your life or organisation, no matter how small that want may be ." Do you want to make changes or just get something clear in your own mind.
Now talk to someone.
But who?
• Your best friend– what would they really think?
• Your loved one– what about the impact on them?
• Your boss– how would it affect your career?
• Your parents– ‘in their day!’
• Yourself– would you talk yourself in or out of action?
A Life Coach
Impartial, Non-judgemental, Inspirational
Life coaching is not a “quick fix” or a magical pill, it is a highly proactive tool to take your life forward. It is not counselling, or mentoring or therapy but a way of helping you to step back and re-evaluate your priorities and make a conscious decision about the future you would like to create. So many people go through life at the mercy of events and feeling unable to influence their future. But it takes the skill of a qualified coach to help somebody to take a step back and put things into a proper context.
It is only then that real choices can start to be made.
My Life Coaching clients typically report:
• More clarity, focus and direction
• Enhanced and satisfying relationships
• Less procrastination and fewer stops
• A more balanced and fulfilling life
• Faster and bigger results
• Increased earnings and productivity
• A new sense of passion, energy and enthusiasm
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